Hair Extension Rules Beginners Should Know

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Beauty enthusiasts all over the globe are crazy about the invention of hair extension. Although it has been around for quite some time now, it is still one of the biggest breakthroughs in the beauty industry. Products with different quality, materials, and functions have made it quite impossible to ignore the presence of this invention. Although hair extensions used to have a bad reputation for damaging the natural hair, the latest technology has made it possible to avoid such risks. Nowadays, manufacturers seem to present their best products only, and hair extensions Wigan is one example.

As it is one of the latest trends, it is common for people to depend on hair extensions whenever they feel like changing their hairstyle without having to wait for its natural growth. The problem with this product is that many people are not quite familiar with it that they tend to make several common mistakes, such as picking the one that is not suitable for their natural hair or selecting low-quality extensions. To avoid such mistakes, this article presents several hair extension rules that beginners should know.

The Lifestyle

There are at least three types of extensions, and each of them plays different roles and serves different functions depending on your lifestyle. If you are a type of person who changes your look quite often, it is advisable to go for clip-ins. Not only does it give you fresh looks, but the extensions are also user-friendly. You can clip it in or out whenever you like it without having to damage your real hair. However, if you prefer to have the same hairstyle for a bit longer, it is advisable to choose tape extensions. This type uses bi-adhesive tape to hold the synthetic hair, and it usually lasts up to eight weeks. The last option is keratin. This type is a perfect choice for those sports enthusiasts who need long-lasting technology to hold the synthetic hair on their scalp.

The Colors

Picking the right colors is also what experts would suggest. Not only does it help you avoid disasters, but choosing the same colors as your natural hair will also give you what you want. However, note that the shafts tend to change colors as it gets longer. Thus, it is advisable to match the extensions with the ends of your hair instead of the roots. If you still find it hard to decide which colors to pick, you can always opt to get professional help from the experts.

Popular Beauty Enhancement Surgeries Women Do to Standout


The art of beauty enhancement has been practiced across civilizations for thousands of years. At some point in the history of the beauty industry, milk and honey were all one needed with a mix of exotic herbs and oils. Today, health and beauty have forged a tech-driven sector as more women take on surgical blades to transform their looks in line with the 21st-century beauty aspirations. Below are five popular beauty enhancement surgeries that women do to keep in touch with modern beauty trends that embody the allure of superior feminine sexuality.

Breast augmentations

BreastsArguably, breast augmentation is one of the most popular beauty enhancement surgeries that women perform to boost their beauty attributes. Many prefer to have perfectly shaped breasts. Size is also an issue, many of the breast augmentation surgical procedures subsequently aim to either enlarge or reduce breast sizes.

The procedure can as well work on the nipple size, shape and color by mixing the augmentation process with skin bleaching techniques. Breast augmentation has been inspired by nudity arts, modeling and the adult entertainment industry in the same breath.


Having a ton of fat around the waist area is not a modern world beauty trait. Love handles are considered ugly and less appealing by contemporary beauty-culture enthusiasts. One can either resort to a workout routine with a specific dietary outlay to eradicate love handles. Slimming pills and all sorts of therapies are also in the offing but none of these is as efficient as liposuction given that it’s one of the fasted ways to get a slim figure that deliver the all-round beauty promise.

Nose reshaping

Literary, the world has over the centuries attached high-beauty standards to specific cheek-bone, chin, and hairline as well as ear appearances. The dawn of the movie industry and other forms of performing arts continue to drive the forces that shape the modern beauty standards. More and more women choose to reshape their noses to attain these beauty standards, making it one of the top surgical beauty procedures in the world today.

Eyelid surgery

It’s possible to transform a woman’s looks using ordinary cosmetics. This usually results in temporary beauty uplift especially when talking of the eyelids. A more permanent outlook can be attained by enhancing a woman’s eyelashes, which can either be reduced or increased in the process. Eyelid surgeries strive to make cosmetic procedures that target eyelids more pronounced to step-up feminine looks.


Face liftIt’s possible to change any aspect of your face to embrace top-notch physical beauty standards. However, there are instances when one can get a surgical nose job only to realize that it doesn’t auger well with his or her ears or cheekbones. Beauty surgical experts’ often suggest full-scale face uplift to take care of beauty discrepancies that may arise from one or two beauty enhancement procedures.

The rise of surgical facelift has also been made popular by the hip pop culture and the rise of reality TV shows that demonstrate the efficacy and safety aspects that the beauty industry cultivates to give women any physical outlook that they may aspire to attain.