The Top 3 Benefits of Face Creams

Face Cream

Imagine if scientists discovered the key to immortality. We humans will never have to worry about dead skin cells or waning beauty in our features. After all, who are we but mere mortal, right? Fortunately, we can prevent them by treating our skin cells with nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the skin tissues to maintain their elasticity and firmness thus slowing down the aging process, especially, for the visible part like crows’ feet and wrinkles.


Kollagen Intensiv is considered by beauticians and expert reviewers alike to be the best face cream for wrinkles. The face cream is capable of smoothing out the skin and firming it in the process to reduce any visible signs of aging. Such are the wonders of face cream. But that is not all of their benefits; we have gathered them in a convenient list below for your reading entertainment. Let’s check them out:

Eliminates Signs of Aging

Face creams have a common moniker “anti-aging cream” and as self-explanatory as it may sound, they do reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, crows’ feet, and fine lines almost to complete elimination. The cream works by protecting your skin to fight off free radicals and pollutants in the air like dust and dirt that can exacerbate your skin’s condition.

Protects Skin from UV

Although face cream’s most popular usage time is when people are going to bed, they also have qualities similar to sunscreen that protects the skin from UV-induced sunburn that can cause your skin to dry up and peel in a painful sequence. Daily application of face cream can help protect your skin from drying and peeling thus making your skin look healthy and clearer.

Hydrates the Skin

Skin Hydration

Anti-aging cream can also freshen up your skin and make them brighter by moisturizing the skin cells that give your face a nice and natural complexion with an additional delightful scent. (depends on what products you are using) The ingredients within face creams like vitamin C and seed oils can truly be beneficial to your skin tissues by invigorating them; making them look better and more attractive as a whole.

Final Words

People might think that face cream and skin cares are for women only. They are wrong for adopting that outdated dogma that is being kept alive by people who don’t appreciate the beauty and the hardship to maintain it. Face creams can do wonders for both men and women, applying them regularly and also washing your face to keep them hygienic and hydrated can make someone automatically look 10 years younger!

Follow These Tips to Maintain a Smooth and Healthy Skin Always

Skin Care

Having a healthy and beautiful skin is a dream of almost everyone in the world. This is very common especially when it comes to women who are always very concerned about their looks. Many people have ended up using weird ways while trying to make their skin smooth. In many cases, these options have destroyed their skin and made it even worse. Most of the products being sold in the market today are harmful to the skin and one should be very careful while buying them. It is, therefore, necessary to conduct enough research before choosing any beauty product to ensure you don’t damage your skin. Below are some of the tips that one can follow to maintain a smooth and healthy skin always.

Tip 1: Drink enough water

Drinking waterWater has been proved to be among the best and safest ways that one can use to maintain a glowing skin all through. This is because once you take enough water, you help in hydrating your body which in turn keeps your skin healthy. Endeavor always to drink water in plenty. Also consider using a moisturizer from your toe to your head every day. Always carry water with you especially when you are outdoors. To avoid being dehydrated, avoid your alcohol and caffeine intake.

Tip 2: Eat a balanced diet always

Whatever you eat has a huge impact not only on your body but also to the health of your skin. Many people fail to eat balanced meals and just eat to make their stomachs full. This usually has a direct impact on your skin. It is advisable to eat foods that are rich in omega 3 since they contain the essential fatty acids that are very important when it comes to skin health. These fatty acids help in eliminating dry skin, eliminating wrinkles, supporting the skin structure as well as reducing inflammation.

Tip 3: Exercise regularly

Another wonderful tip for maintaining a healthy and smooth skin is by making sure you keep your body active always. A dormant body will always lead to pale skin. There are many exercises that one can do to keep their skin healthy. Some of the best exercises include cardio exercises, which helps in delivering essential nutrients as well as oxygen to the skin by ensuring good blood pumping. Other exercises include walking and swimming.

Tip 4: Use sun protection always

The skin is one of the most sensitive parts of a human body. This is because it is always exposed to varying weather conditions. Some of these weather conditions are harsh and end up damaging the skin. Direct sunlight is very dangerous to the skin since it contains UV rays that bring about age spots, premature aging, wrinkles and cancer.

Tip 5: Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep has been proved to be another main cause of unhealthy skin. According to research, people with sleep deficiency have been linked to puffy eyes, breakouts, inflammation as well as other skin problems. It is therefore important to ensure that you get enough sleep all the time.

The tips discussed above are among the best that one can adopt to maintain a healthy and smooth skin always. It is also essential for one to apply skin products that suit their skin and avoid harsh detergents and chemicals.